Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Reblaze for App Engine, Done Right

The Reblaze platform provides comprehensive cloud-based web security, including DDoS protection, WAF/IPS, bot mitigation, and prevention of scraping & data theft.

Cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform make it fast and easy to deploy Reblaze for any network worldwide, with only a simple DNS change. This routes incoming traffic through Reblaze for scrubbing before it can access the destination network.

Of course, determined hackers can try to ignore the DNS change, thus bypassing Reblaze and attacking the network directly. But our users can prevent this in various ways: from VPC peering, VPN, TLS, or any other encrypted tunnel, down to simple firewall-based IP address whitelisting, thus preventing any unauthorized traffic from communicating directly with the targeted network.

These countermeasures are effective in all cases but one. In a serverless environment such as Google App Engine, none of the above security options are usually available.

Clearly, the other benefits of the App Engine architecture are tremendous: it abstracts away the complexity associated with managing servers, data processing jobs, databases, backups, and more, and it lets the team stay focused on product development. But the lack of a built-in solution to enforce new routing and automated traffic screening in this specific case, was frustrating.

Now even this loophole is closed. Thanks to the newly released Google App Engine Firewall, or AWS Web Application Firewall, Reblaze can now prevent even the most resourceful hackers from bypassing our gateways and accessing our customers’ App Engine applications directly. This new feature enables our customers to take advantage of Reblaze’s web security on App Engine.

It’s now easy to make your App Engine completely secure and hacker-proof, with a few simple gcloud commands:

gcloud app firewall-rules create 2000 --action ALLOW --source-range 
--description “Allow Reblaze US-West G/W”

gcloud app firewall-rules update default --action=deny

These ensure that all incoming traffic will pass through the Reblaze gateways. Therefore, all incoming traffic will be scrubbed before it reaches the protected network.

And that means that along with all the other benefits that the GCP environment provides, App Engine users can also enjoy the full power of Reblaze’s robust web security.

To celebrate this release, we’re offering three free months of Reblaze for your App Engine platforms. Grab it while it’s available and see for yourself what cloud-based web security is like (including comprehensive protection, full remote management, a dedicated Virtual Private Cloud for your exclusive use, and more). There’s no charge, and no obligation.

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