Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

What we learned from AWS re:Invent

With over 60,000 visitors, AWS re:Invent is one of the most prominent Cloud events. Every year people gather in Las Vegas to hear about what’s going on in the world of cloud computing, and we had the pleasure to present our vision there. 

As we met so many professionals at the event, we had the opportunity to get their insights and thoughts about cloud computing, especially cloud security. Here’s what we learned from re:Invent this year. 

Cloud migration—still a long way to go

Although in the last couple of years many organizations have moved to the cloud, many are still scared of taking the leap. Today, only about 20% of organizations have moved completely to the cloud. Many people still don’t trust the security of the cloud, but this belief is completely outdated and incorrect. In fact, it’s quite possible to use the cloud securely, especially when using solutions that are updated automatically and immediately as threat conditions change. Having said that, at re:Invent we saw many organizations that are using a hybrid security layout, which allows them to keep some of their data in on-prem solutions. 

Visibility is key

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Many people are looking for solutions that reflect exactly what is going on in their organizations at any given moment. At Reblaze, we often hear from customers that our real-time traffic reporting is one of their favorite features. By supplying visual reports of the company’s web traffic, we give the CISO the tools to mitigate potential threats and to optimize the current security settings. 

WAF is not enough

In today’s world, security threats are plentiful and sophisticated. In this environment, a Web Application Firewall solution alone does not provide full protection. For full security, organizations need a solution that offers multiple layers—not only a next-gen WAF, but also Bot Management, API protection, and more. Today’s hackers are sophisticated; your protection needs to be too. 

Freedom of Choice

In our daily lives as consumers, we enjoy freedom of choice, and we expect to choose whatever option is best for us. We expect to be able to compare products and services from different competitors, and to not be locked into a specific provider. So why shouldn’t this also be true when choosing a security solution? 

Many of the people we met told us that when choosing a security vendor, a key factor is to have a subscription option that fits them the best. Whether it comes from a direct purchase or via a platform marketplace, whether it’s Bring Your Own License or Pay as you Go, a security vendor needs to offer multiple subscription options. Another important issue is architecture: more organizations are choosing multi-cloud strategies, and they are demanding full support for this approach from solution providers. These and other choices are becoming very important in cloud computing; this is one of many signs that the cloud has become a mature, thriving industry.

If your organization has moved to the cloud, or is thinking of doing so, Reblaze offers robust cloud-based web security: fully managed all-in-one protection for applications, services, and API endpoints. To learn more, feel free to contact us.

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