Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Four Risks to Avoid When Using Cloud Web Security

Cloud security is increasingly popular today. According to Cisco’s 2016 Annual Security Report, 31 percent of organizations are now using cloud-based security.

It’s easy to see why this is true:

  • Cloud web security is less expensive than traditional solutions like appliances.
  • Cloud security is much easier to deploy than traditional solutions. (Often, a mere DNS change is all that’s required.)
  • Cloud platforms can be remotely maintained by the solutions provider, and kept always up-to-date.

Nevertheless, moving your web security to the cloud is not as straightforward as it might seem.

Four Risks to Avoid When Using Cloud Web Security

Cloud solutions providers are not all equal. They vary in their costs, comprehensiveness, and robustness of security that they provide.

Organizations who move their web security to the cloud must avoid several new risk factors:

  1. Using a cloud provider that only provides shared resources.
  2. Using a cloud provider that overcharges their customers.
  3. Not getting optimal performance.
  4. Not getting full protection.

Shared Resources: Most cloud providers only offer shared environments to their customers. When multiple customers share cloud resources, all customers are vulnerable to any attack on one of the others. For example, a large DDoS attack that takes down a cloud will affect all customers who were using it.

Overcharging: Cloud costs have fallen continuously over the last few years. For example, since its inception, AWS has cut prices over 50 times.

However, most cloud providers do not adjust their prices accordingly. If you are a customer of one of these providers, you will be overcharged for the services you are receiving — and the amount of overcharging will continue to rise over time.

Not getting optimal performance: Most cloud providers use a rule-based approach for evaluating traffic. Since this approach is inefficient, it introduces additional latency. Therefore, your website is less responsive to your visitors and customers.

Not getting full protection: Most cloud providers emphasize one particular aspect of cloud services (such as hosting, CDN integration, bot mitigation, etc.) Few cloud providers focus on comprehensive, robust security.

How to Avoid These Risks (And Others Besides These)

Reblaze is a comprehensive cloud-based protective shield for your web assets, which intercepts and blocks hostile traffic before it even reaches your network.

Reblaze provides all the advantages of cloud security with none of the drawbacks:

Shared Resources: Unlike other cloud providers, Reblaze deploys a unique private cloud around your web assets. This is a full dedicated stack for your exclusive use alone. Your site, web apps, and web services remain immune to whatever attacks might be occurring elsewhere on the Internet.

Overcharging: Even though Reblaze offers more robust security than other cloud providers, it remains among the lowest-cost cloud security platforms. It is not unusual for our new customers to cut their spend in half, compared to their previous providers.

Optimal Performance: Reblaze uses a unique, holistic, profile-based approach to web security. Potentially hostile traffic sources are tracked over time, and they receive greater scrutiny than benign visitors. This allows more accurate threat identification, with better performance, and less latency.

Full Protection: Reblaze is a company focused on one goal: securing your web assets from the myriad of threats found on the Internet. The platform offers comprehensive protection, including a PCI DSS certified WAF/IPS, DoS/DDoS mitigation, advanced human detection and bot exclusion, anti-scraping, and more.

For a no-obligation online demo of Reblaze, fill in this form. You’ll see what Reblaze can do for you, and how inexpensive and effortless web security can be.

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