Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

How Cloud Web Security Works (and why it’s better)

Cloud web security is becoming very popular today. Moving to the cloud can be such a competitive advantage that Gartner Research has said:

“Organizations that have been reluctant to move to the cloud won’t be able to stay on the sidelines for long. As a competitive necessity, they will need to embrace the use of these services.”
Gartner Research, Building a Solid Foundation for Choosing and Managing Cloud Service Providers

Despite this, some organizations have not yet moved their web security to the cloud. Often, this is because their executives don’t fully understand it.

This article will discuss:

  • How cloud web security works.
  • How it provides many advantages over traditional approaches.

How Cloud Web Security Works

In a traditional network topology, all web traffic comes directly to your server.

This means that your server must defend itself against whatever threats are within that traffic.

Conversely, when you protect your web assets with a cloud security platform such as Reblaze, the traffic flow is restructured. Instead of going directly to the web server, traffic is now routed through the cloud:

Software running in the cloud analyzes the traffic quickly. Legitimate visitors are allowed to pass through, and can immediately access the web server.

Hostile traffic is blocked, and cannot access the requested web assets.

Why Cloud Security is Better

In the traditional approach to web security, appliances inspect and filter traffic as the packets arrive at your servers.

This creates several problems. First, appliances are expensive. Second, appliances can be difficult to operate and maintain.

Third, appliances can only filter traffic after it has arrived at your network. This means that some types of attacks (such as volumetric DDoS assaults) can overwhelm your incoming Internet pipe before your appliances have a chance to block them.

Often, your ISP will defend itself against this onslaught by blackholing all your traffic. At that point, your appliances become useless. Even if they could have been effective at filtering the traffic, they won’t get the chance to do so.

Now compare this to a cloud security platform. First, cloud security is less expensive than traditional solutions.

Second, a cloud security platform can be maintained and operated remotely by the solution provider, which means it can be kept up-to-date with no maintenance required on your part.

Third, a comprehensive cloud security solution can perform more sophisticated traffic analyses than those available from single-purpose security products.

Why All Cloud Solutions Are Not Equal

Most of the advantages listed above are available from most cloud security providers. However, most cloud providers have several significant weaknesses as well.

First, most cloud providers only offer shared resources to their customers. When multiple customers share cloud resources, all of those customers are vulnerable to any attacks on the others. For example, a large DDoS attack that takes down a cloud will affects all customers who were using it.

Second, many cloud providers charge higher prices than necessary. (Cloud costs have fallen over the last few years, but most providers have not adjusted their prices accordingly.)

Third, most cloud providers use a rule-based approach for evaluating traffic. Since this approach is inefficient, it introduces additional latency, and so your website is less responsive to your visitors and customers.

Lastly, most cloud providers emphasize one particular aspect of cloud services (e.g., hosting, CDN integration, bot mitigation, etc.) Few cloud providers focus on comprehensive, robust security.

A Superior Cloud Solution

Reblaze is a comprehensive, cloud-based protective shield for your web assets. The next-generation Reblaze platform offers all the benefits of cloud security, with none of the drawbacks.

Unlike other cloud providers, Reblaze deploys a unique private cloud around each client’s web assets: a full dedicated stack for each customer’s exclusive use. This isolates the client network from all forms of hostile traffic, and prevents the shared-resource vulnerabilities that are inherent to other cloud providers.

Reblaze provides better security at a lower cost than other cloud providers. Its singular focus is to make your web assets ‘secure by default’, with protection that is always effective and always up-to-date, with no action required on your part.

Reblaze has many other advantages besides these listed here. To learn more, get a no-obligation online demo. You’ll see what Reblaze can do for you, and how inexpensive and effortless web security can be.

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