Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

OpIsrael 2020

Once again it is that time of the year. On April 7th we will once again face the annual malicious cyber campaign that targets Israel and Israeli websites, especially government websites. As always, we are prepared to combat these attackers and our team is on high alert. 

What is OpIsrael?

OpIsrael started way back in 2013 when Anonymous, the hacktivist cyber organization, launched a coordinated cyber attack against Israeli websites. The attack did no actual damage but since then, every year around April 7th, cyber attackers try to attack various Israeli websites. In the 2019 campaign, over 120 websites were breached by various cyber attackers. The hackers installed a hidden backdoor on the servers that allowed them to erase the site, vandalize it and even use it to infect other users. OpIsrael is a great excuse for organizations with a political agenda to try and attack Israel in cyberspace. The list of websites attacked includes NGO’s like Larger Than Life, various municipal websites, private organizations and more. Basically, if you are Israeli and have a website you are a target. 

Is OpIsrael Dangerous? 

As with any cyberattack, the short answer is yes. OpIsrael involves many hackers trying to attack websites. Some of them are kids with nothing better to do and some are serious organizations like Anonymous. We also need to look at what type of attacks happen in this campaign. The attacks vary from site deformation to vulnerability exploit. 

A site deformation, as uncomfortable it may be, is not that dangerous but can cost the website owner with costly downtime.  But if the attackers exploit a vulnerability in your site it could lead to devastating results such as data leakage, ransomware, IoT exploitation and more. 

That is why we are taking OpIsrael very seriously and we are reinforcing our support team. 

How should I prepare for OpIsrael?

If you are a Reblaze customer then there is not much you need to do. Our support and response teams are on the case and they are ready for anything. If you haven’t joined Reblaze protection services yet, here are some things you need to know as a site owner or a webmaster, in order to protect yourself from the OpIsrael Campaign:

  • Make sure you have up to date web protection that includes layer 7 DDoS Protection, Bot Management, API Security and Advanced WAF. In fact, make sure all of your systems are up to date including systems updates, AV updates, WP version, etc.
  • Trust no one. A popular way of attack is via phishing attempts. Basically, a phishing attack is when the attacker sends you an email or message containing a malicious link. When you click on the link you start the attack. It could lead you to a malicious web site that will steal your info or download a harmful application to your system that can cause all kinds of damage. So, be careful what you click (and this is, in general, good advice and not only for OpIsrael).
  • Backup. Make sure you have an up to date backup and a recovery plan in case you need to use it. 

For more information, you can visit the Israeli National Cyber Directorate where you can find helpful information and tools to help you protect yourself.

With Reblaze security solutions, organizations are fully protected from attack campaigns such as OpIsrael and many more. Our fully managed solution not only protects against malicious attacks, but it can also assist with a legitimate, unplanned increase of traffic, as we saw happening in the Covid 19 outbreak.

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