Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Reblaze — Product Description


Reblaze is a complete and comprehensive protective shield for websites, web apps, and web services. Based on advanced proprietary technologies created by its core team of world-renowned security experts, Reblaze provides 24×7 protection and monitoring, ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the protected assets.

Platforms protected by Reblaze are always on and always available to serve the intended audience in a blazing fast manner, even during a massive DDoS attack. This ensures that the web application is appropriately used, and its resources consumed only in the way they were intended to.

Next-Generation Web Security

Reblaze is a cloud-based service. All traffic to and from the protected network is routed through Reblaze for inspection, scrubbing, and optimization, all with near-zero latency. The platform has many advantages over traditional solutions such as appliances: it costs less, offers more precise and more powerful traffic control, and provides robust, comprehensive protection, in a platform with unparalleled ease-of-use.

Reblaze also offers many advantages over other cloud security solutions. For example, other cloud solutions have a serious flaw. They only offer co-located environments. Therefore, their users are forced to share cloud resources. This means that the availability and/or security of the users’ sites can be compromised by attacks on other users.

Reblaze customers are not exposed to these vulnerabilities. Each Reblaze deployment includes a unique private cloud for each protected network: an entire dedicated stack (including DNS servers, load balancers, logs, database, etc.) for that network’s use alone. As a result, every Reblaze customer remains immune to whatever attacks might be occurring elsewhere.

Also, other cloud solutions route traffic through a limited number of clouds around the world. Reblaze’s unique private clouds are deployed right in front of the protected networks. This ensures that latency is near-zero.

Other advantages of Reblaze include advanced behavior-analysis algorithms and bot detection, the most precise ACL capabilities in the industry, fine-grained administrative tools, and more. (See the Core Features below for more details.)

Core Features

Reblaze is a comprehensive web security solution. It includes DDoS protection, intrusion prevention, bot mitigation, and more.

Multilayer DDoS Protection

Reblaze protects your web assets from DoS/DDoS across layers 3, 4, and 7 (network, transport, and application). It is effective at all scales, from massive DDoS botnet assaults to single malformed-packet DoS attempts. It defends against the full spectrum of attack vectors, including protocol exploits, amplification and reflection attacks, volumetric flooding, malicious inputs, resource depletion/exhaustion, application-layer vulnerabilities, and more.

Reblaze makes use of a distributed network, multi-homed across a number of providers to achieve Internet access diversity. The platform scales its resources as needed, leveraging the near-inexhaustible capacity of the global cloud. Reblaze can handle bandwidth activity larger than the capacity of most ISPs, and has successfully withstood massive DDoS attacks. (See Autoscaling, below.)

Along with using proven DDoS mitigation techniques such as syn cookies and connection limiting, Reblaze goes farther and uses adaptive and learning mechanisms to improve the accuracy of its traffic analysis. Reblaze adapts to traffic characteristics in real time, automatically setting dynamic thresholds according to traffic parameters such as rate and throughput (of packets, requests, messages, HTTP requests, DNS queries per second, etc.), ratios (per protocol for messages, packets, requests, and data types), and more.

Unlike most security solutions, Reblaze’s decision-making process is not limited to whatever is currently happening in the traffic stream. The platform uses automated learning processes to continually adapt, not only to variations within a current attack but also to the ever-changing threat environment of the Internet overall. Pattern recognition and behavioral analysis allow Reblaze to successfully identify attacks in their earliest stages, even from traffic flow that otherwise would seem benign. The platform’s analysis is fast, accurate, generates minimal false alarms, and above all, removes the usual user overhead (of maintenance and ongoing manual fine tuning) required by standard DDoS mitigation products.

DDoS protection is an integral part of Reblaze. It is always on, with no need for the user to explicitly invoke it if an attack is suspected.

For more information about Reblaze’s DDoS protection, see this datasheet:

Web Application Firewall / Intrusion Prevention

A comprehensive and robust Web Application Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (WAF/IPS) is one of the core technologies of the Reblaze web security platform.

Reblaze detects and blocks defacement attacks, SQL injections, XSS, form manipulation, protocol exploits, cookie and session poisoning, malicious payloads, and other web-based attacks.

Reblaze’s WAF/IPS uses a variety of techniques to accurately identify and block malicious traffic, including Application Whitelisting, Behavioral Analysis, Blacklisting, “Layer-10” ACL, and Machine Learning, as follows.

Application Whitelisting: a semi-automatic mechanism which yields a fine-grained application rule-set that defines the allowed headers, HTTP methods, resources, content-types, encoding, languages, forms, input fields, etc. within an application. Once this set is defined, it is virtually impossible to inject code of any kind.

Behavioral Analysis: Within its responses to user requests, Reblaze plants minefields (aka honeypots) which immediately detect hackers if they try to reverse-engineer a page or an application protocol. In addition, the system analyzes each user’s communication history, and detects patterns of attacks or pen tests, whether they are manually crafted or generated by automatic tools.

Blacklisting: Reblaze maintains a large and growing database, containing virtually all the web-related vulnerabilities ever published. As soon as a new threat is introduced, we immediately update our database with the solution that neutralizes it. This database is accessible immediately to all deployments of Reblaze, worldwide.

“Layer 10” ACL — Unparalleled Access Control technology allows Reblaze customers to control their traffic with extreme precision. Traffic can be allowed or excluded by country, city, network, company, anonymizer/proxy usage, cloud and data-center network, and more. You can define separate security policies for sites, clusters of sites, subnets, IP ranges, or even for individual URLs.

Machine Learning: Reblaze uses this to learn and develop over time. Even as hackers develop new attack techniques, the platform becomes more sophisticated. Reblaze is continuously updated and upgraded with the latest forms of protection automatically, with no user action required.

All of the above benefits are provided in a WAF/IPS that is extremely easy to use. The platform deploys in minutes, with no hardware or software to install (see Additional Benefits, below). Once deployed and configured, Reblaze is designed to run automatically, with little user action required. Maintenance also occurs automatically (see Remote Management, below). Full traffic logs and other reporting features allow users to monitor their traffic as closely as desired. Reblaze’s ease-of-use is unparalleled among web security solutions.

For more information about the Reblaze WAF/IPS, see this datasheet:

Anti-Scraping and Bot Mitigation

While some bots (such as search engine spiders) are probably welcome on your site, many others (such as scrapers deployed by competitors and unauthorized data aggregators) are not. Although modern bots have become quite sophisticated, Reblaze uses advanced human and bot identification technology to accurately identify and exclude them.

Along with traditional techniques like request inspection, Reblaze uses multiple other forms of analysis, including visitor behavior, challenges, and honeypots. These allow Reblaze to identify even the latest generation of bots powered by full stack browsers such as Webkit, IE-WebBrowserControl, Chromium/V8, etc., which bypass traditional bot mitigation approaches.

Additionally, Reblaze maintains a massive dataset in the global cloud: petabytes of user behavior data, not only from the domain being protected, but of all the traffic the platform has ever encountered globally. Reblaze can instantly marshals years of data and analytics against any potentially hostile traffic source, whether bot or human, instantly recognizing if that user’s behavior is legitimate or not.

For more information about Reblaze’s bot mitigation, see this datasheet:


Reblaze adjusts and scales its resource usage as needed, leveraging the capacity of the global cloud. This allows the platform to handle even massive DDoS assaults, with no impact to the protected network. Scaling occurs automatically, with no user action required.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration

The Reblaze security platform integrates seamlessly with virtually every CDN provider. Regardless of which one is used, your static and streaming content can be delivered to users from edge locations all over the world. This reduces in-house server requirements down to minimal levels (merely the capacity needed for dynamic applications and demand spikes). Meanwhile, your content is readily accessible to your customers, from close-by locations.

DNS Layer

Reblaze’s DNS layer provides dynamic address allocation for the protected domains (even for A records). This hides the location of the targeted network from hostile traffic sources. When attackers cannot find a system, they cannot penetrate it.

Global Load Balancing & Anycast IP

Reblaze can globally distribute incoming traffic, automatically. This optimizes the traffic load for the protected servers. It also increases the accessibility of global cloud resources, increasing the available bandwidth for handling large-scale DDoS attacks.

Real Time Management Console and Advanced Monitoring System

The Reblaze interface is web-based, and works in any browser. It includes an intuitive Management Console that gives you an unparalleled ability to monitor and control your traffic in real time.

The platform provides an unmatched level of transparency, even during large-scale attacks. It shows exactly which traffic is being permitted into your site, which user requests are being blocked, and why these decisions are being made.

Traffic reporting includes thorough analytics and statistics. Reblaze shows full parameters for all requests: their origins, intended targets, analysis results, and disposition. You always know exactly what is going on inside your site, with the ability to adjust and fine-tune the decision parameters in real time, or to make direct manual overrides if desired.

Full Remote Management

Reblaze is kept up-to-date remotely by our team of security experts. As new web threats arise, all global Reblaze deployments are upgraded immediately and automatically to defend against them. You always have the latest protection.

Additionally, the Management Console enables end users and systems integrators to administer their web security to whatever degree they desire. Many users enjoy the remote capabilities of the platform, by which the Reblaze team manages their deployments fully for them. Others prefer to have more participation in the administration process. Either way, the Management Console makes this easy.

Reblaze Architecture

Reblaze is flexible, and can be structured according to your needs. A single deployment can protect all your web assets worldwide, or you can have more granular control with individual deployments protecting specified regions, or even individual data centers.

Reblaze runs on multiple cloud platforms, include Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS. It can run on a Reblaze cloud account, or on your account, or on a combination of the two. The following is a sample Reblaze architecture, using AWS, Azure, or GCP.

Compliance and Certifications

Reblaze builds its services in accordance with security best practices. Customers can be confident that the platform will ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their web assets.

Reblaze’s clouds are fully compliant with SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, FISMA Moderate, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, FIPS 140–2, HIPAA, CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), and other standards and certifications.

Reblaze is a PCI-DSS Certified Level 1 Service Provider.

Additional Benefits

Reblaze deploys in minutes, with nothing to install. A mere DNS change is all that’s required.

Trying Reblaze is risk-free. It can be deployed as an additional layer on top of your existing security. Additionally, it has a “Report Only” mode, where it does not filter traffic; it merely reports on what it would have filtered. This allows you to see exactly how Reblaze will work for your particular situation.


Reblaze is a complete web security solution, building proprietary next-generation security technologies into a single easy-to-use platform. To get a no-obligation demo of Reblaze in the U.S. or Canada, call us at (408) 907-7712.

In the United Kingdom, call (0161) 711 0103 or (0845) 154 1110. International inquirers should call +972 (73) 200–5200.

Or, send an email to for a prompt response.

About Reblaze

Reblaze is the comprehensive, cloud-based, robust protective shield for your web assets. Core technologies include: WAF/IPS, Multilayer DoS/DDoS protection (network, transport, and application), Anti-Scraping, High-level ACL, Advanced Human Detection and Bot Mitigation, Advanced Management Console, and Real-time Traffic Analysis. Added value services include: Layer 7 Load Balancing, Global Secured CDN, and a complete DNS solution.

Reblaze Technologies Ltd., 911 Washington Ave Street, Suite 501, St. Louis, MO 63101. Phone: 1 (888) 527-0409. More information: Reblaze is a PCI-DSS Certified Level 1 Service Provider

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