Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

DDoS Protection at the Scale of eBay

At Google Cloud Next ’19 in San Francisco, eBay Security Architect Derek Chamorro spoke in a joint session on DDoS Protection, with Google Cloud Product Manager Emil Kiner and Reblaze CTO Tzury Bar Yochay.

With 175 million users and 1.1 billion live listings at any time, eBay is a prominent target for web attacks. Last year, company executives were considering moving to the cloud, but wanted to ensure that eBay would still have effective security.

As Mr. Chamorro explained,

“As a security professional, I’m extremely paranoid about whatever the next big attack is… How could we replicate our existing known perimeter security controls into an environment that essentially we don’t own?”

To explore this question, eBay decided to test a combination of Google Cloud Armor and Reblaze. At Cloud Next ’19, Mr. Chamorro discussed their effectiveness against DDoS attacks.

Cloud Armor includes protection against some forms of DDoS.

It also has the capability of enforcing rules and policies to defeat other types of attacks. However, this requires users to manually configure and maintain complex security rulesets.

Reblaze is a cloud web security platform that runs natively on GCP, and integrates fully with Cloud Armor. As a comprehensive platform, it includes DDoS protection, a multivariate WAF, advanced bot management, API protection, and more.

Reblaze augments and extends Cloud Armor’s capabilities by providing rich security rulesets, updated and maintained automatically. It also uses Machine Learning to self-learn and adapt when the threat environment changes.

When an attack is detected, Reblaze immediately updates Cloud Armor, which blocks the attack at the edges.

Reblaze and Cloud Armor were both deployed for an eBay site. The company waged a variety of DDoS assaults against it.

The results were impressive. Cloud Armor blocked the Layer 3 and 4 attacks before the traffic even reached the Reblaze proxy:

And Reblaze defeated the Layer 7 attacks:

During the tests, Mr. Chamorro was impressed with Reblaze’s advanced bot detection abilities:

“A lot of vendors just inject Javascript. But we found Reblaze to be a lot more intelligent, where it takes a lot of human detection components in order to be able to detect that it’s actually a bot.”

To summarize eBay’s experience with Reblaze and Cloud Armor, Mr. Chamorro said this:

“Reblaze’s Bot Detection and Dynamic Rules provide excellent defense against scripted and WebKit-based web page floods.”

As an aside, he also mentioned about Reblaze:

“It was amazing at being able to stop a lot of the Layer 7 attacks that we encountered. At the same time, from a visibility perspective, we were able to get a lot of the telemetry that we wanted.”

And he concluded his session with this:

“Overall, Google Cloud Armor and Reblaze provide a sound solution for DDoS attacks of all kinds.”

For more details from Mr. Chamorro’s session, you can watch his presentation here. Or start with Mr. Bar Yochay’s presentation (he spoke before Mr. Chamorro), where he discussed how Reblaze works and some of the things uncovered by Reblaze’s Machine Learning module during the eBay testing.

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