Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Five Reasons to Switch to Reblaze

The advantages of Reblaze: the comprehensive, cloud-based, intelligent web security platform.

I. Comprehensive and Fully Managed Web Security

Reblaze is a complete web security solution, protecting against DoS/DDoS, hacking and intrusions, scraping, defacements, and other Internet threats, in one easy-to-use platform. It is maintained remotely by Reblaze personnel and is always up-to-date, with no effort required from customer staff. The platform provides full traffic transparency​, showing you in real time everything that is going on within your site — not only in the web-based interface, but also pushing data directly to your SIEM/SOC if desired. Reblaze logs and stores every request it receives in Google BigQuery, and a comprehensive API allows you to gain insights into your traffic that normal analytics solutions cannot provide.

II. Top-Tier Infrastructure

Reblaze runs on Google, Azure, and AWS, which have invested a combined $65 billion into perfecting their platforms. Compare this to other cloud web security solutions, which use self-owned infrastructure and cannot match the performance or reliability of the industry leaders. As a Reblaze customer, your data will be processed on a smarter, faster, larger, and more secure foundation — the clouds you already trust for your other business processes.

III. Superior Architecture

Reblaze deploys Virtual Private Clouds for every customer, isolating your network from Internet threats. The platform scales bandwidth as needed, automatically. Global CDN integration and flexible geographic deployment options keep your sites and applications fast and responsive to your users, worldwide. You can even run Reblaze on multiple cloud providers simultaneously — as close to ‘guaranteed zero downtime’ as is possible to achieve. (Other cloud solutions only provide shared self-owned environments, which expose their customers to outages as a result of attacks on others.)

IV. Machine Intelligence and Behavior Analysis

Reblaze is a pioneer in next-generation threat detection and mitigation, such as advanced bot detection algorithms which accurately identify and block even sophisticated bots that mimic human visitors. Holistic behavior analysis, intelligent user profiling, and other strategies provide accuracy surpassing that of legacy techniques such as signature based identification. Machine learning is built into Reblaze, so that the platform automatically learns, adjusts, and adapts to the ever-changing Internet threat environment. Even as new web threats arise, Reblaze remains effective.

V. Unmatched Customer Experience

When attacks occur, Reblaze’s 24/7 Emergency Response Team intervenes immediately, implementing countermeasures until the attack is over. The platform is provided month-to-month, with no contractual lock-in or long-term commitments. Customers can cancel their accounts at any time. (The average attrition rate is less than two percent per year.)

Risk-Free Offer

Reblaze can be tried completely risk-free. The platform can be deployed as an additional layer of security, on top of existing security solutions. There’s nothing to install: a simple DNS change can activate Reblaze for any site or web application in minutes. And there’s no obligation. If after one month, you aren’t delighted with Reblaze, you can cancel your account, and you’ll owe nothing.

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Reblaze: Effortless web security.

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