Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

How to stop a DDoS attack in under 5 minutes (and block them in the future)

DDoS assaults have reached extreme levels, now as high as 1.2 Tbps. In this environment, the usual defense strategies no longer provide protection against DoS and DDoS.

Reblaze Technologies recently held a webinar (with the replay available below), discussing this growing challenge.

The title: “How to Stop Your Next DDoS Attack (in under 5 minutes)”.

The webinar describes tactics that:

  • Can shut down an in-progress DDoS in a matter of minutes.
  • Will prevent future DDoS attacks from succeeding.
  • Will keep your websites up and fully responsive to your users even in today’s challenging threat environment.

Here’s an overview of its contents:

0:00 Introduction

1:50 Discussion of current attack trends: the maximum size and current frequency of attacks, and what we can expect in the near future.

5:20 The four technological reasons DDoS attacks are becoming common. (If your organization hasn’t been attacked recently, it probably will soon.)

8:35 The three most common ways organizations respond to DDoS, and why they’re ineffective in this new environment.

14:25 How to use the cloud to quickly (within minutes) shut down even large-scale DDoS assaults:

  • Necessary requirements for effective DDoS mitigation.
  • How to use cloud technologies to stop any DDoS attack: whether it’s defeating one that’s already in-progress, or preventing future attacks.

33:20 An offer for webinar attendees and replay viewers: a 25% discount on the Reblaze web security platform, and $500 in credits for Google Cloud Platform.

To claim this offer, send an email to the address shown in the replay. Or, email and mention that you saw this webinar.

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