Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Survey of Top Web Security Threats in 2016

A recent survey of over 150 IT security professionals revealed their biggest concerns going into 2016 — and some of these results are surprising.

The survey was performed by Proficio, a leading provider of Managed Security services (and a Reblaze strategic partner). The overall theme of the questions was this:

In 2016, what are the biggest security challenges you will face?

The results showed that overall, it appears that security professionals are not very confident in their organizations’ willingness or ability to maintain best practices.

For example, the top answer to this question:

“What Will Keep Security Professionals Up at Night in 2016?”

…was “Insider Threats.”

Note that this threat can be mitigated by proper enforcement of strict IT security policies.

It would seem then that many IT professionals do not believe that their organizations are diligent enough in this area.

The second-highest answer was “Unpatched Vulnerabilities.” But in 2016, this should no longer be a significant threat.

For example, as a cloud security platform that is remotely maintained, the Reblaze security platform is always up-to-date. As soon as a vulnerability becomes known, it is patched.

In 2016, there is no need for any organization to have unpatched vulnerabilities.

The same can be said for many other concerns that are on this list. Many of the threats that are ‘keeping these professionals up at night’ are addressed directly by services like Reblaze.

Nevertheless, many IT security professionals are concerned about these issues anyway. This indicates that their organizations are still using obsolete approaches to security.

This conclusion is reinforced by other results from the survey.

One question asked respondents if they believed they had the “technology, processes, and expertise” to prevent a damaging cyberattack. Less than half of the respondents answered yes.

The survey had some other interesting results besides these, but this is perhaps the most compelling.

Clearly, when it comes to IT security in the corporate world, there is much room for improvement.

Read more about Proficio’s 2016 Cybersecurity Survey.

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