Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Google Launches DDoS Attack on Own Partner

SAN FRANCISCO: This morning, Google launched a massive DDoS attack on one of its own security partners.

As expected, the attack failed.

The DDoS occurred at Cloud Next ’18, as part of a demo of Google Cloud Armor — a new web security framework for users of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The attack was launched by Prajakta Joshi (Sr. Product Manager of Google Cloud), and involved thousands of servers simultaneously. This created a massive volumetric DDoS focused on a single target.

The targeted site was unaffected by the attack, and it remained responsive throughout the exercise. It belonged to Reblaze Technologies, a security partner of Google. This company offers the Reblaze platform: a cloud-based, comprehensive web security solution, which is tightly integrated with GCP and Cloud Armor.

The demo illustrated the combined power of Reblaze and Cloud Armor. Reblaze includes a next-generation threat detection engine, based on the continual application of machine learning to a large and continuous sampling of global web traffic (currently analyzing over three billion http/s requests per day). Even as Internet traffic patterns continue to evolve and new web threats arise, Reblaze adapts and learns how to identify new attack vectors.

When requests are received from a hostile source, Reblaze identifies them and updates Cloud Armor, all in real time (even when under the stress of a massive DDoS). Cloud Armor then enforces these decisions and blocks the hostile traffic at the edges, before it can reach the protected websites.

The combination of Reblaze and Cloud Armor provides a powerful and easy-to-use solution for web application security, built into Google Cloud Platform. (For more on this, see How to Use Google Cloud Armor to Automate Your Web Security .)

The Cloud Next demo showed the effectiveness of Reblaze and Cloud Armor against a volumetric DDoS, but this combined web security solution is capable of much more than this. Reblaze provides comprehensive threat detection, including not just DDoS but also breach and intrusion prevention, bot mitigation, human behavioral analysis, scarring prevention, and more. Moreover, Reblaze integrates seamlessly with GCP and Cloud Armor, but its availability is not limited to GCP users. The platform integrates with the other top-tier cloud providers as well.

If you’re a Reblaze customer, full Cloud Armor support is going out now in rolling updates. (If you need to move to the head of the line, please contact support.)

If you aren’t currently a Reblaze customer and would like to schedule a demo, or you’d just like to learn more about the platform, send an email to Or, fill out the form at We’ll be in touch soon.

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