Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

How to try Reblaze for free via Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

At Google Cloud Next ’18, Google announced its Cloud Platform Marketplace, which expands upon and replaces Google Cloud Launcher. GCP users can now deploy various applications and platforms directly from within their GCP (Google Cloud Platform) accounts.

This includes Reblaze, which is fully integrated not only with Google Cloud Platform, but also (and especially) Google’s new Cloud Armor web security framework. The combination of Reblaze and Cloud Armor creates a powerful, automated, comprehensive web security solution for GCP users.

Thanks to the Marketplace, it’s now possible to deploy and try out Reblaze’s web application protection with just a few clicks.

Reblaze is a unified software suite that provides a dynamic, intelligent security and control solution for web platforms and services. It is a complete web security solution: it includes a next-generation WAF, DoS/DDoS protection, advanced bot mitigation, and more.

Unlike most cloud security platforms, Reblaze is fully integrated with GCP and the other top-tier cloud providers (Azure and AWS). Other cloud solutions run on self-owned infrastructure, which can’t match the top-tiers for performance and reliability.

Reblaze is also fully integrated with Google Cloud Armor, a robust new GCP security framework that was also announced at Cloud Next ’18. Together, Reblaze and Cloud Armor provide a powerful, automated, comprehensive web security solution for GCP users. Reblaze’s next-generation threat detection combined with Google’s globally distributed security framework means that hostile traffic is blocked at the edges, far away from your network.

Reblaze provides a unique Virtual Private Cloud for each protected network: a full dedicated stack for that network’s use alone. (Other cloud solutions use shared clouds, thus creating multi-tenancy vulnerabilities. The availability and/or security of their customers’ sites can be compromised by attacks on other customers.)

Reblaze is also unusual in keeping all processing and scrubbing of traffic completely within each customer’s security perimeter. (Other cloud solutions decrypt their customers’ data for analysis, processing it — and usually storing it — on their servers.)

These and other benefits are now available to try through Google Cloud Marketplace. As the screencast below shows, starting from scratch, you can deploy Reblaze for your web platform in just a few minutes.

This is a risk-free process. You can try Reblaze with a 30-day, no-obligation trial. At the end of the 30 days, if you decide not to continue using Reblaze, just cancel your account and you’ll owe nothing.

It’s also risk-free because you can deploy Reblaze on top of your existing security solutions. By default, a new Reblaze deployment is set to “report-only” mode. In this mode, Reblaze will not filter any traffic; it will merely report on the traffic it would have filtered, were it in”‘active” mode.

This means you can set up and try Reblaze for your specific web applications, on your specific platform, and see exactly how Reblaze performs, with no change to your security posture.

The video below shows the process of deploying Reblaze via Cloud Launcher. (We’re currently updating the video to include the new look of Cloud Marketplace.) The deployment procedure itself essentially hasn’t changed since the transition from Launcher to Marketplace, so we’re including this to help with this process until the updated video is posted.

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