Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Curiefense GA (1.3.0) Released

Curiefense is now in GA! The latest version (1.3.0) is now available for deployment. A lot has happened since the initial release of v1.0 in November, and not just in our changelog. Here are some of the highlights.

Joining the Open Source and Cloud Native Communities

Curiefense is now a CNCF Sandbox Project, and we’re already making substantial progress in conforming the project to CNCF standards. 

The project has earned the CII Best Practices Badge from the Linux Foundation.

We have launched a podcast: “Committing to Cloud Native.” Along with discussing news and current events in the community, we’ll be documenting our journey as we integrate Curiefense into the cloud native ecosystem. Hopefully, the lessons we learn along the way can be useful to others who travel this path later.   

New Interactive Learning Platform

Now you can try Curiefense without having to install anything. Our first scenario on Katacoda provides you with a live, remotely-accessible environment, and walks you through Curiefense’s initial deployment, management UI, and dashboards. More scenarios are on the way.

Project Transparency and Community Participation

Curiefense has been an “open book” project from day one, and we’re continuing to make data even easier to access. Recently we have:

  • Created a GitHub Dashboard by Databox
  • Added activity reporting via CNCF DevStats
  • Created multiple granular channels in the Curiefense Slack workspace, making it easier to follow and participate in specific parts in the project. Slack members can interact with project maintainers, and can also subscribe to our realtime GitHub repository feed.

To join the Curiefense workspace on Slack, just email for an invite.

To follow us elsewhere, Twitter ( is our most-used social media channel. If you prefer email, we also have a newsletter

Fun Stuff

To celebrate our launch, we now have Curiefense wallpaper available for your desktop and/or Zoom. Stay tuned for shirts and stickers, coming soon!

All Are Welcome!

Curiefense is maintained by Reblaze, which is making significant investments into its development. That being said, Curiefense is a CNCF project, and is vendor-neutral. 

We ask anyone who is interested to join us (including competitors). Our goal is to provide the community with a robust cloud native security solution for Envoy Proxy, and all are welcome. The more we work together, the better it will be for everyone.

Acknowledgments and Thanks

The Curiefense team would like to thank: 

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