Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Welcome to Curiefense

Paris / Tel Aviv

Welcome to Curiefense

Curiefense is a new open source application security platform, which protects sites, services, and APIs. It extends Envoy proxy to defend against a variety of threats, including SQL and command injection, cross site scripting (XSS), account takeovers (ATOs), application-layer DDoS, remote file inclusion (RFI), API abuse, and more.

By building it on top of Envoy, we benefit from all of the advantages of Envoy, such as service discovery, HTTP/2 and gRPC support, and seamless integration into cloud native API gateway and service mesh deployments.

Curiefense inspects every request and analyzes it according to its security policies. Some of these are inherent, some are customized by the user, some are received from external threat feeds, and some are automatically generated and adapted as the threat environment evolves.

We started working on Curiefense in January this year (2020), because the range, frequency, and severity of cyberattacks is ever expanding. Attackers evolve rapidly, perfecting their tools and techniques, and demonstrating unprecedented capabilities; we realized collaboration is the most promising way to build a better, more comprehensive, transparent, scalable, and easy to use solution.

We are looking to collaborate with the vast communities of Envoy, Kubernetes, and other cloud native products to provide the ultimate cloud-native application security: a platform that is open, extensible, adaptive and evolving, while preserving total privacy for its users.

Throughout the year, we were fortunate to work closely with tech leadership at organizations such as Cisco, Google, and Lyft, while integrating their feedback across the design, implementation, API and packaging aspects of the project, as well as shaping its roadmap. This was indeed a humbling experience, for which we are grateful.

Matt Klein, creator of Envoy, said:

I am extremely excited to see a cloud-native open source, API driven, WAF solution.

Security is of critical importance to modern cloud-native deployments, and open solutions have historically been lacking in this space.

Curiefense’s tight integration with Envoy and the rest of the cloud-native ecosystem will allow for rapid iteration and robust collaboration on this critical component.

I am very excited to see what the community can produce in aggregate when everyone is working together to evolve the status quo in OSS WAF solutions.

Today we are releasing the first open source version of the platform, which has been tested at scale, and already operates in production. We are releasing it as open source and free; premium services will also be available as an additional layer. The free platform is fully operational, sufficient for most use cases, and offers more features and benefits than most other commercial solutions.

We named this project after the famous scientist Marie Curie. It began in intensive work sessions at Malakoff France, close to her home and laboratory in the outskirts of Paris, and is being released today on her birthday (November 7).

But this is just the beginning. We already have an extensive roadmap for additional capabilities, which will be available in our Curiefense github soon. We’re eager to receive feedback, opinions and ideas from the community, so we can make the platform even better than we could on our own.

Feel free to join our spam-free mailing list at, and follow us on twitter if you like.

Tzury Bar Yochay and Philippe Biondi

Through my years at Cisco, Microsoft & others, working with almost every enterprise company in the cloud technology space, there has been one absolute mandate that goes into every cloud product, platform, and infrastructure. That mandate has been in the area of security; there are no exceptions & there are no excuses. 

Security is constantly changing and evolving, therefore we must always be looking forward and be at the forefront of that evolution to ensure we are always ahead of what is out there. What Curiefense brings is that historical ability of Web Application Firewall to the new frontier within a microservices stack. 

The ease of deploying an enterprise-grade Web Application Firewall (WAF) directly to a Kubernetes-based infrastructure brings that next level of capabilities to such a powerful platform & community in Kubernetes. Combining Curiefense within our stack gives us better security for our API services, DDoS Protection, Biometric Analysis & Real-Time Analytics to ensure we are putting our customers, their data & their needs first & always working to make sure we are doing everything we can to protect them.

As Marie Curie herself has been quoted, “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

Chris Ferreira
Sr. Cloud Platform Architect | Sr. Technical Leader

In the last 2 years there has been a significant rise in bot attacks globally across a wide range of attack vectors. To combat this internet reality noting that the majority of internet traffic is bot traffic, eCG is leveraging the Reblaze solution globally to protect our platforms which support over 280M online users.

Not only has Reblaze’s solution been effective at blocking bad bot traffic, it also allows us to allow good bot traffic in a structured way to our sites.  Additionally the Reblaze implementation process was simply superb with a well-coordinated support team. 

“At eCG protection consumer data in priority #1, today I can sleep a bit easier at night knowing the Reblaze solution is there fighting bad bot traffic in defense of our sites and consumers”

James Bynoe
Head of Information Security & Compliance
ebay classifieds groups

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