Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Shellshock: A serious Internet security flaw

A serious security flaw has been discovered in common software used by much of the Internet’s infrastructure. The Bash shell, which is widely used in Linux installations, has a vulnerability which allows an attacker to execute whatever commands he chooses on the machine. This includes taking over the machine completely.

Exploits for this “Shellshock” bug are already in the wild, with at least one botnet having been built from compromised machines.

Since Linux is so prevalent on Internet servers, most website owners should be aware that their sites and data are almost certainly vulnerable until their server is properly patched.

However, Reblaze clients are not at risk for Shellshock exploits. When this vulnerability was discovered, the Reblaze system (in this case, our IPS/WAF module) was updated immediately to correct it. The module was both hardened against this specific vulnerability, and augmented with sophisticated signatures in order to protect client platforms.

In addition to these actions, we (along with other researchers) are also investigating further potential vulnerabilities in Bash. As always, whenever a new Internet threat arises, Reblaze clients have their platforms immediately and automatically updated, so that their web assets stay protected and “secure by default.”

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