Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Flexible Deployment Options

Within Your Clouds

Reblaze runs natively within your VPCs on AWS, GCP, and Azure, and also supports multi-cloud and hybrid architectures.

Within Your Service Mesh

Reblaze’s new Curiefense project (see below) adds web security to Istio and other service meshes.

Within Your Containers

Curiefense builds traffic filtering directly into Docker and Kubernetes.  

Other Options

Curiefense can deploy in app sidecars, load balancers, ingress gateways, and more.

Reblaze: Web Security for Cloud Workloads

Reblaze is a fully managed, all-in-one cloud security platform, integrated with the top-tier cloud providers. It provides a next-gen WAF, DDoS protection, advanced bot management, API security, ATO prevention, and more, blocking hostile traffic before it enters your environment.

Curiefense: Web Security for Containers and Service Meshes

For traditional cloud architectures, Reblaze running in a VM is still the best choice. However, many organizations are fully embracing service/microservice architectures—and for these, Curiefense is an ideal solution. 

Curiefense is an open source, cloud native extension for Envoy Proxy and NGINX. It provides the same security technologies as Reblaze, running inside your containers and service meshes, in a true zero-trust architecture.

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