Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

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There are several differences between Reblaze and previous-generation solutions:

  • Unlike threat-specific products, Reblaze defeats a wide variety of Internet attacks. There’s no longer a need for system integration of multiple products from different vendors—Reblaze does it all.
  • Hostile traffic is blocked before it even reaches your network.
  • No hardware or software needs to be installed.
  • Your staff no longer needs to perform maintenance or install updates to your security infrastructure. As Internet threats evolve, countermeasures are deployed for you.
  • There are many additional benefits, such as site acceleration (which makes your site more responsive to visitors).

Reblaze is a platform-agnostic system. It works with any existing web site or web service, and protects the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Reblaze protects your site from a broad range of attacks, exploits, and other malicious activity targeted at your web site: everything from the most common SQL injection, XSS, and DDoS attacks, to platform-specific vulnerabilities discovered just minutes earlier.

Reblaze gives you unmatched control. You can allow or deny access to specific countries, cities, networks, companies, anonymizer networks, and more.

Yes, you can set Reblaze to protect only portions of your web platform by setting specific sub-domain(s).

Yes, Reblaze will not interfere with your existing security tools and measures—rather, it will add an additional protective shield in front of them.


Protecting your site with Reblaze is as simple as changing the DNS settings at your domain registrar.

No, you can leave all of your web assets intact, wherever they currently are.

None. Reblaze protects your site and blocks the attacks before they reach your server.

Reblaze is a cloud-based platform. Your traffic is sent through our network portals, cleansed of threats and attacks, and then passed on to your servers. To deploy this protection, all that is needed is a DNS change to route the traffic appropriately.

Yes. Just change your DNS settings to send Internet traffic directly back to your site. You remain in full control at all times.

Once you have registered your site with Reblaze, all our servers are ready to serve your site immediately. However, it will take some time until your name server records propagate out to the world (this depends on the TTL value in your DNS recordset, which varies from one DNS server to another). During the propagation period, some visitors will still arrive directly at your site, while others will be routed through Reblaze. Either way, there’s no downtime—your site will remain available to visitors the entire time.

Reblaze integrates seamlessly with virtually every CDN provider. Regardless of which one is used, your static and streaming content can be delivered to users from edge locations all over the world.


Reblaze routes your traffic through our Security Gateways. Would-be attackers cannot reach your network. (In fact, due to Reblaze’s dynamic DNS allocation, they can’t even find it.) Instead of reaching your servers, attackers are confronted instead by our locked-down Gateways. Even as hackers create new forms of attacks, immediate countermeasures are deployed across our network. Our clients no longer need to keep on top of the constantly changing Internet threat environment, because Reblaze’s experts do this already.

Reblaze keeps your site up and responsive during a DDoS. There are several steps to this process:

  • Traffic distribution. Reblaze’s Elastic Load Balancing distributes the increased traffic across its global network of Security Gateways. This relieves the stress on local bandwidth providers.
  • Bandwidth deployment from the cloud allows Reblaze to scale resources as high as needed, automatically. This absorbs even large DDoS attacks.
  • DDoS detection. Reblaze is configured to correctly identify and target DDoS traffic (even the latest-generation attacks which masquerade as legitimate server requests).
  • DDoS traffic is filtered and never reaches your server. Your site receives only legitimate traffic, and remains responsive to your visitors.

As with other forms of hostile traffic, scraper bots are identified and blocked before they reach your site. Reblaze uses next-generation human and bot identification algorithms, distinguishing malevolent bots from your legitimate traffic. To do this, Reblaze uses visitor behavior, challenges, and honeypots to detect even advanced bots powered by full-stack browsers. Hostile bots are blocked from accessing your site, while legitimate visitors are allowed. Your data and sensitive information remain secure.

Using Reblaze

Yes, we provide our service as a platform upon request. For details, contact us.

If you were to measure us packet by packet, some of the packets will introduce a minor latency of a few milliseconds (0.5~2.5). However, our smart caching mechanism will boost up your site performance dramatically, so the overall experience of your users will be that of a much faster site.

Yes. Setting up SSL is simple, and is done in your “Settings” page, under the “SSL Management” tab.

As explained on our privacy page: We will never sell, rent, or loan any personal information that you provide to us.

It won’t. Your analytics will remain intact.

The first step is to schedule a demo, where you can talk to a Reblaze representative and have all your questions answered. Click here to set one up.

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