Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Stringent Requirements

Healthcare organizations have many web security challenges:

Data protection

A compromise of patient data can result in punitive fines and penalties. No other industry has such strict legal and regulatory frameworks for maintaining tight data security.

IT availability

Successful system breaches can result in ransomware attacks: hackers encrypt patient data until a ransom is paid. In other industries, the worst possible consequence of this is loss of revenue. In healthcare, it can result in the loss of life.

Online and application security

As patients expect more health-related services to be available online, web applications and APIs are growing in complexity. This means their attack surfaces are expanding, creating more opportunities for threat actors.

Robust security posture

The Internet threat environment is always evolving. Healthcare organizations cannot allow their web security solutions to fall behind. Unfortunately, traditional solutions such as physical or virtual appliances are difficult and time-consuming to keep up-to-date, especially when IT resources are already stretched thin.

Data privacy

As healthcare organizations adopt technologies such as cloud computing, additional challenges have arisen. Cloud web security offers many advantages over legacy approaches, but most solutions have a major flaw: they decrypt and process incoming traffic on their own infrastructure. This can raise privacy and regulatory issues.

Full compliance

Healthcare organizations must comply with a wide variety of legal and regulatory standards. Their web security solutions must be fully compliant as well.

Reblaze Provides Complete Web Security for Healthcare Organizations

Reblaze runs in the cloud as a reverse proxy, blocking hostile traffic before it reaches your network.

  • Complete web security suite includes a powerful, precise WAF, all-layer DDoS protection, advanced bot management, global load balancing, and more.
  • Next-generation bot detection: Today’s threat actors use sophisticated bots, many of which can evade detection by traditional web security solutions. Reblaze is a pioneer in advanced human/bot identification technologies, defeating even the latest generation of malicious bots which can mimic human behavior.
  • Fully managed: Your Reblaze platform is kept up-to-date by a team of security experts. You always have the latest protection, with no effort required from your IT staff.

Unmatched Protection

Reblaze provides powerful security that meets the unique needs of healthcare organizations, including many benefits that other solutions do not offer.

  • Dedicated Virtual Private Clouds for every account. This eliminates the multi-tenancy vulnerabilities that other solutions have, while reducing latency to negligible levels (typically three milliseconds or less).
  • Flexible architecture: Reblaze runs natively on all the top-tier cloud platforms, with your choice of configuration (most of our customers choose to run it within their own accounts). Reblaze can also be configured and run in hybrid mode.
  • Full protection for APIs and services: Reblaze includes API schema ingestion, validation, enforcement, and reverse-engineering prevention. It also includes a full client-side SDK for mobile/native applications.
  • Next-generation threat detection. Reblaze includes dynamic rulesets, extensive rule customization features, and the most powerful ACL capabilities in the industry. The platform is self-learning and adaptive, using Machine Learning to recognize, and adapt to, changing Internet traffic conditions. Even as new web threats arise, your sites, applications, and endpoints remain secure.

Reblaze has many other features for securing healthcare web assets. Contact us to learn more about Reblaze’s capabilities.

Compliant and Certified Protection

Reblaze’s clouds are fully compliant with GDPR, SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE  3402, FISMA Moderate, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), and other standards and certifications. 

Reblaze Technologies is ISO 27001 Certified, AICPA SOC 2 Certified, and is a PCI DSS Certified Level 1 and Level 2 Service Provider.

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