Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

A New Approach to Web Security

Curiefense is an OSS GitOps-based security platform for modern microservice architectures. It adds traffic filtering capabilities to containers, service meshes, ingress gateways, and many other components of modern topologies. 

Curiefense moves security into your environment, at whatever scale is needed (from individual microservices to multiregional service meshes). It eliminates the need for external solutions; all traffic filtering is done within your perimeter.

Fully integrated with NGINX and Envoy Proxy

NGINX is the most popular web server in the world, and is widely used for other purposes as well. Curiefense adds built-in traffic filtering to NGINX environments.

Curiefense also attaches directly to Envoy Proxy, and can be used anywhere Envoy runs: as a service mesh sidecar, ingress gateway, reverse proxy, load balancer, or other uses.

Comprehensive Web Security

Curiefense is a unified platform, providing the same security technologies as Reblaze: WAF, DDoS protection, bot management, ATO prevention, API security, session flow control, advanced rate limiting and more. 

Complete Privacy

No external security resources are needed; everything happens within the environment.


No traffic or data is decrypted
outside the perimeter.


No third party processes
 it or has access to it.


No latency from external
routing and processing.

Cloud Native

Curiefense is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Sandbox Project, created and maintained by Reblaze. 

Curiefense integrates fully into the cloud native ecosystem.

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Limited-time offer: Get premium support and full management for your Curiefense deployments, in exchange for your feedback as we build awareness of this newly open-sourced platform.

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