Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

[IN THE NEWS] As the security threat to organizations grows, Reblaze acts to protect web services exposed to the world and vulnerable to growing cyber threats – sites, apps, and APIs. Using an advanced technological platform, monitoring each request reaching the web app, it provides a comprehensive security service filtering traffic. (Ha’aretz)
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[PRESS RELEASE] Reblaze announced today that it has achieved the Amazon CloudFront Ready designation, part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Ready Program. This designation recognizes that the Reblaze’s Cloud Native Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) offering has demonstrated successful integration with Amazon CloudFront.
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[IN THE NEWS] Israel Cybersecurity Enterprise es el hub de las mejores soluciones israelíes en ciberseguridad y a través de sus aliados estratégicos, como Reblaze, tiene la capacidad de proteger y responder a las necesidades de grandes organizaciones de la iniciativa privada y gobierno en México en toda Latinoamérica. (Geekzilla)
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[IN THE NEWS] Durante el lanzamiento oficial de Israel Cybersecurity Enterprise en Latinoamérica, Reblaze y representantes de otras empresas israelíes se han posicionado a nivel mundial para hacerle frente a la ciberdelincuencia en nivel global y la región. (Vanguardia Industrial)
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[PRESS RELEASE] Reblaze shared all about the global and regional challenges of cybersecurity and presented our cloud native Web Application and API Protection (WAPP) solution to hundreds of CISOs and other tech leaders at the ‘Future of Cybersecurity – the Israeli Vision’ event in Mexico City, which marked the launch of the ICE hub in Latin America. (3DCadPortal)
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Reblaze Publishes Results of New Survey: Most Organizations Still Aren’t Prepared to Defend Against Certain Common Attacks

Reblaze, a leading cloud native, fully managed application security solution provider, today announced the results of the “2022 State of Web Security Survey,” a global survey of 300 security professionals revealing how organizations are […]  Read more

Reblaze Appoints Ziv Oren as CEO to Drive Next Stage of Growth

Reblaze, a leading cloud native, fully managed application security solution provider, announced that Ziv Oren has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer. Oren previously held the position of Chief Operations Officer at the company, and he succeeds […]  Read more

Reblaze Launches New Partner Program for Cloud-Native Web Application Security

Israel-based Reblaze, the cloud-native, application security solution provider, just announced a new global channel partner program. The company designed it to help joint customers get more out of their current security infrastructure.[…]  Read more

4 Common Challenges of 'Shift Left' Security

We are beyond the days when security involvement in development workflows was a “nice to have.” In today’s rapid innovation and development cycles, mature organizations put cybersecurity at the forefront of every decision. […]  Read more

Israel’s tech industry is booming, growing pains and all

Tzury Bar Yochay is co-founder and chief technology officer of Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity company Reblaze and the co-creator of Curifense. Let’s play the icebreaker game “two truths and a lie.” Try to guess which of the following statements about Israel’s tech industry are true:  […]  Read more

How To Secure Cloud Architectures Without Sacrificing Your Bottom Line

Most organizations have and are shifting a substantial portion of their workloads to the cloud. Tzury Bar-Yochay, CTO and co-founder of Reblaze addresses how in this environment, the need for web security is more important than ever, but traditional efforts are no longer useful. Thus, alternative approaches are necessary and costly. […]  Read more

Open Source – Justin Dorfman, Reblaze

Today we’re joined by Justin Dorfman (Open Source Program Manager, Reblaze). We discuss bait and switch licensing and why is hurting the intentions of open source. As a result, companies are adopting stricter licenses. How will this impact open source in the future? […]  Read more

Wizards of OSS: Industry perspectives on open source software

To get an idea of the pervasiveness of open source software — commercial or otherwise — just consider WordPress. The brand synonymous with content management systems (CMS) spans two broad incarnations — the self-hosted open source version available through and a hosted version called that’s operated by Automattic. Collectively, they now power more than 40% of all websites […]  Read more

10 Ways to Prevent and Manage Technical Debt—Tips from Developers

Developers deal with technical debt every day, and they know how to prevent and manage it better than anyone else. Here’s just some of what they had to say. Plenty of people have written about technical debt. They might be discussing it in the context of improving velocitycode churncode refactoring, or it might just be an item on a very long to-do list that never gets prioritised. We put out a call out for real-world experiences of what helps when it comes to reducing technical debt and received a huge number of responses from devs across a variety of sectors. In the previous article, developers told us about their technical debt horror stories. Here’s what they had to say about how to manage and prevent it: […]  Read more

Curiefense is a cloud-native, open source security platform for enterprise apps

Reblaze, an Israeli cybersecurity company focused on web app and API protection, has launched an open source security platform aimed at enterprises. Curiefense, which Reblaze first announced back in November, is designed to protect cloud native applications and APIs from myriad threats, such as distributed-denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and account takeovers (ATOs).   […]  Read more

Developers Share Technical Debt Horror Stories (Part 1)

Arthur Linum is a technology consultant. He shared some of his experiences with me: “I was the consultant for a startup that had accumulated substantial technical debt. They had rushed to meet tight deadlines to position themselves at the forefront of the market, and this had led to code that was quick and dirty.   […]  Read more

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Curiefense

Curiefense is an open-source application security platform in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a sandbox project. The project was developed and announced earlier this year from the cloud-native application solution provider Reblaze. […]  Read more

More intelligence on Ghostwriter, and a convergence of hacking and influence operations. Naikon APT has a new backdoor. FluBot returns. MAPP reconsidered. Defense counsel on Cellebrite.

Ghostwriter is back, and has moved its “chaos troops” against fresh targets in Poland and Germany. The Naikon APT has a new secondary backdoor. FluBot, temporarily inhibited by police raids, is back, and expanding its infection of Android devices across Europe. Microsoft is rethinking how much, and with whom, it wants to share vulnerability information. Joe Carrigan examines a phone scam targeting Amazon Prime customers. Our guest is Tzury Bar Yochay of Reblaze on open-source software and scalability. And Signal’s discovery of Cellebrite issues is finding its way into court. […]  Read more

The Kubelist Podcast - Ep. #13, Curiefense with Tzury Bar Yochay and Justin Dorfman of Reblaze

In episode 13 of The Kubelist Podcast, Marc is joined by Tzury Bar Yochay and Justin Dorfman of Reblaze. They discuss the latest CNCF Sandbox project Curiefense, its community and product architecture. […]  Read more

Leveling Up Container Security with Security-as-Code

As more organizations adopt a microservices deployment model, they’re also adopting infrastructure-as-code (IaC) to streamline continuous delivery. IaC codifies configurations to automate the deployment and provisioning of services. But how about security-as-code? Some believe security policies should be described and embedded within the CI/CD process, as well. […]  Read more

7 new social engineering tactics threat actors are using now

It’s been a boom time for social engineering. Pandemic panic, desperation as income concerns grew, and worry over health and wellness made it easier for criminals to tap into fear. […]  Read more

Security in the Age of Microservices with Tzury Bar Yochay, CTO and co-founder of Reblaze

A weekly podcast from Chris Chinchilla covering technology, board and role play games, history, current affairs, and frankly whatever I feel like covering. […]  Read more

Security, Clouds and Open Source with Tzury Bar Yochay

This week on The Business of Cloud Native, I talked to Tzury Bar Yochay, founder and CTO of Reblaze, about building a cloud native security company before twelve thousand people were going to KubeCon. […]  Read more

Curiefense, an Open Source, Envoy-Based Cloud Native Security Platform

Reblaze, an Israeli cloud native, managed application security solution provider, has released a commercial version of Curiefense, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) sandbox security project.  Its job is to protect cloud native applications and APIs from such threats as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), application-layer Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), and API abuse […]  Read more

Reblaze Rolls Out Managed Reverse Proxy Security Service

Reblaze this week made generally available a managed cloud service, dubbed Curiefense, through which it provides a web application firewall, application programming interface (API) security, bot management, traffic control and distributed denial of service (DDoS) capabilities, among others. […]  Read more

Tzury Bar Yochayi interview on TechStrong TV

The changing threat landscape, as well as the increasingly important role of developers and open source in cybersecurity. Specifically, developers are now the decision-makers. […]  Read more

Curiefense is a cloud-native, open source security platform for enterprise apps

Reblaze, an Israeli cybersecurity company focused on web app and API protection, has launched an open source security platform aimed at enterprises. Curiefense, which Reblaze first announced back in November, is designed to protect cloud native applications and APIs from myriad threats, such as distributed-denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and account takeovers (ATOs). […]  Read more

I was a control freak. Here’s how I let it all go and became a better leader

One morning, I sat down in our company conference room for what was to be an hour-long meeting with several colleagues to discuss a product-related matter. Since I had strong feelings and also had overheard a few corridor talks about the issue, I was sure I had the right solution. So I didn’t intend to stay long. […]  Read more

Can Healthcare Mitigate Risks to the COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain?

As the world races to vaccinate its citizens, providers, hospitals, and research teams have rapidly deployed technologies to support the COVID-19 response. In turn, cybercriminals are preying on the thinly stretched supply chain with swaths of cyberattacks and fraud schemes to steal valuable data and make a massive profit. […]  Read more

Reblaze Disrupts Web Security with Curiefense; Brings Open Source, Cloud Native Security to the Enterprise

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – March 2, 2021 – Reblaze, a leading cloud native, fully managed application security solution provider, today announced the general availability of Curiefense. Designed to disrupt web security, Curiefense is a unified, open source security platform protecting cloud native applications and APIs in the enterprise.

According to Gartner, more than 75% of global organizations are predicted to run containerized applications in production by 2022, up from less than 30% in 2020. This exponential growth is indicative of the modern enterprise’s shift to cloud native architecture. Meanwhile, the range of cyberattack vectors is expanding, creating new and evolving challenges for securing modern ecosystems […]  Read more

The Biggest Cybersecurity Mistakes CISOs Might be Making Today

As more organizations move to the cloud, the need for airtight security has become paramount. As threats evolve and become more sophisticated, mitigating hacks and malicious attacks has become very difficult. And for many Fortune 1000 CISOs, some still believe that managing their security in-house or on-premise is safer and more cost-effective—when the opposite can very well be true.

In fact, even if a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) performs 99 percent of their tasks perfectly, there is still plenty of opportunity to make mistakes. That last one percent can ultimately be their downfall […]  Read more

Robot traffic climbs Reblaze helps companies manage properly (Chinese)

As the world enters a new economic era dominated by data value-added services, the value of data is rising rapidly, which has also led to a wave of Open API around the world, hoping to seize business opportunities in the consumer market with customized services. For example, the Taiwan Financial Management Association has promoted the Open Banking API strategy in three phases starting in 2019. In addition to allowing businesses to use big data to tap more potential customer needs and provide a wider range of financial value-added services, it can also be in line with international trends. However, according to the “2019 State of Bot Protection” report released by Reblaze […]  Read more

The Hidden Dangers of Malicious Bots

When executives think of the worst cybersecurity threat today, many think of system breaches or DDoS attacks. Most don’t realize that some of the worst threats today come from bots, and this misconception can be very costly for their organizations. Web robots (or ‘bots’ for short) are automated programs that are deployed across the Internet to do various tasks. On average across different verticals, bots comprise about 62% of a website’s traffic, 24% of which would be deemed safe. For example, search engines deploy Internet bots called “spiders” that visit sites and collect information to be stored and used for indexing. Without them, Google and other search engines would not be able to display the proper results in real-time to users.[…]  Read more

Guohe Digital and Reblaze join forces to protect corporate website and App security (Chinese)

A good corporate website can enhance the company’s reputation and image, and increase the efficiency of sales and customer service. However, once the website is safely breached, it may become a malicious program spreader, directly victimizing a large number of customers, and causing the aforementioned benefits to be wiped out. Serious consequences such as damage to goodwill and loss of customers. Therefore, for enterprises, website security protection is really important.[…]  Read more

Lessons Learned From a Major Cyberattack

Recently, the CEO of Travelex broke the silence on the cybersecurity breach that tore into the company, resulting in a $6 million ransom from hackers. While this isn’t the first time the travel industry has been hit with an attack experts are anticipating more on the horizon.

On December 31st of 2019, Travelex suddenly went offline. This global financial services company has 30 different websites around the world—and they all went down simultaneously. Customers across the globe were immediately unable to access their accounts.[…]  Read more

Tech for Cybersecurity Is Different: A Podcast with Reblaze’s Eyal Hayardeny

On this new episode of the Designing Enterprise Platforms Podcast from Early Adopter Research (EAR), EAR’s Dan Woods spoke with Eyal Hayardeny from Reblaze. Their conversation occurred at RSA 2020 and focused on cybersecurity platforms. They discussed Woods’ four questions for the conference, which include:

  • Have platforms and cybersecurity been slower to develop than in other domains? 
  • Why has the rise in point solutions been so broad and persistent in cybersecurity? 
  • Are we entering a phase in which broad platforms will emerge and take more of the share of spending? 
  • And, if not, how will all the point solutions be made to work together?[…]  Read more

4 questions all CISOs should ask themselves

Being a CISO of a Fortune 1000 company is no easy feat. When it comes to the security of the organization, the buck stops with them. And the bigger the organization is, the harder it is to stay on top of every potential threat – at every moment, of every day. Within the past several years alone, it has become clear that of all areas of responsibility, cybersecurity is one that has zero-tolerance for error. Anything less than perfection regarding performance can eventually lead to severe consequences. […]  Read more

eBay Classifieds Group, Forbes Media, and Sodexo are Among the Companies Choosing Reblaze to Secure Application Platforms From Bots and Other Cyber Attacks

SAN JOSE, Calif. & TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On average, only 38% of incoming web traffic originates from human users. The remaining 62% are automated, of which, 40% have been found to be malicious bots. Reblaze – a leading cloud-based and fully managed security solution provider for web sites, web applications and APIs – counteracts these threats, and the company today announced that it now exceeds five billion HTTPS and web transaction requests a day to help protect customers in identifying and eliminating them […]  Read more

Q&A: The new reality for cybersecurity in the travel industry

According to Eyal Hayardeny, co-founder and CEO of Reblaze the inherent dependency on websites makes travel organizations a prime target for hackers. Hayardeny provides some solutions for the travel sector. Recently, the CEO of Travelex broke the silence on the cybersecurity breach that tore into the company, resulting in a $6 million ransom from hackers. This is not the first time the travel industry has been hit with an attack. For example, last year the Marriott hotels breach leaked a large amount of sensitive customer data during their merger with Starwood […]  Read more

Reblaze Technologies LTD. is pleased to announce its partnership with Us Media Netherlands

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As part of Reblaze’s ongoing global expansion, a new strategic partnership was signed between Reblaze and Us Media – a leading online web services provider in the Netherlands. After opening local offices in Singapore and the United States, Reblaze is working hard to increase its global reach. To do so, Reblaze is partnering with Tier 1 partners in order to supply its customers with the best solutions for protecting their web assets. This includes partnering with local service providers that can supply Reblaze’s products to their customers.[…]  Read more

Excellium and Reblaze Team Up to Improve Cloud Cybersecurity for Customers

October 29, 2019: The growing cloud adoption to deliver services exposes companies to ever bigger risks: large-scale data leaks, denial of service, cyber-attack and performance issues due to bots are forcing organizations to seek greater efficiency in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is now a key issue for companies. Managing the cybersecurity risks of organization, and even more remains a significant challenge. […]  Read more

Reblaze Technologies LTD. is pleased to announce the opening of its offices in APAC, located in Singapore.

Following the significant growth we’ve achieved in APAC, and the acquisition of many new customers and partners, the newest office in Singapore will be focused on sales, marketing and support to our existing and potential clients.  Read More

Reblaze Technologies to Demonstrate New Web Security Features at Cloud Security Expo London 2018

February 11, 2018: Reblaze Technologies will be demonstrating several new capabilities of its cloud web security platform at the Cloud Security Expo conference, March 21-22 2018 in London. […] Read more

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