Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Reblaze Technologies to Demonstrate New Web Security Features at Cloud Security Expo London 2018

TEL AVIV, February 11, 2018: Reblaze Technologies will be demonstrating several new capabilities of their cloud web security platform at the Cloud Security Expo conference, March 21-22 2018 in London.

The Reblaze platform is a cloud-based SaaS application suite, providing comprehensive web security. It includes a next-generation WAF (Web Application Firewall), DDoS protection, advanced bot mitigation, and more. Recent additions to the platform include one-click deployment for users of Google Cloud Platform, full support for DevOps and continuous deployment, and other features. The company will be at Cloud Security Expo to show the new capabilities.

Reblaze Technologies is a Google Cloud Security Partner, and our platform has always been able to seamlessly provide robust web security to Google Cloud Platform users, said Reblaze’s CTO, Tzury Bar Yochay. Now we’ve made it even easier to get started using Reblaze, by integrating it with Google’s Cloud Launcher.

Deploying Reblaze through Launcher can now be done from Google’s Cloud Platform website with only two clicks. Now, starting from scratch, two clicks is all it takes to launch our web security platform and have it protecting your web assets–your sites, web apps, and services–from hackers, denial of service attacks, and so on, Bar Yochay said.

He continued, Also, we’ve completed adding full support for DevOps and continuous deployment. Most WAFs hinder DevOps; each time a new app or service is added, or an existing one is changed, it requires manual re-configuration and testing of the WAF, to protect the new potential attack surfaces while minimizing false positives. This is a roadblock to continuous deployment: it’s extremely tedious, error-prone, and usually consumes several weeks for each cycle.

Reblaze has always been much more flexible and accommodating to DevOps than legacy solutions, but now we’re announcing that our platform supports DevOps fully. Reblaze not only provides an API for notification of new deployments, it also uses active machine learning to immediately adjust and adapt to them. So whenever a deployment occurs, that app or service immediately receives full protection against web threats, automatically, he said.

In addition to these features, there are a lot of other innovations that we’ll be demonstrating at Cloud Security Expo conference. I invite everyone with an interest in cloud web security to stop by our booth and talk to us, and see live demonstrations of these capabilities and others.

Reblaze Technologies offers comprehensive web security, via a cloud-based platform that blocks hostile traffic in the cloud before it can reach the protected networks. Bandwidth and other resources auto-scale as needed. Unlike other cloud solutions, Reblaze provides unique cloud environments for every account, eliminating multi-tenancy vulnerabilities. The platform is fully managed, always up-to-date, and runs on all of the top-tier cloud providers.

Reblaze Technologies is a Google Cloud Security Partner, an AWS Advanced Technology Provider, and a PCI-DSS certified service provider.

Contact: Neri Simchoni,

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