Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Traditional Bot Detection Is No Longer Effective

Most bot mitigation solutions use tools such as reCAPTCHA, IP checking, signature detection, and Javascript injection to identify and exclude non-human traffic.

These methods cannot detect the latest bots. CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA challenges can be solved automatically 70 percent of the time. Blacklists and rate limiting are evaded by rotating IP addresses. (Some bots can abuse cellular gateways to use thousands of IP addresses daily.) Signature detection is defeated by spoofing. JavaScript injection can be processed correctly by modern bots.

Next-Generation Bot Mitigation

Reblaze detects even the latest bots that can evade other solutions. Learn more about Reblaze’s advanced bot detection.

Advanced detection algorithms use client authentication, behavioral analysis, challenges, honeypots, and more.

Blocks dictionary attacks, credential stuffing, vulnerability scans, scraping & data theft, and more

Also defeats DoS/DDoS attacks, hacking and breach attempts, and more

Fully managed (nothing to install or maintain), and always up-to-date

Automated Reporting

24/7 incident support

Biometric human detection and behavior detection algorithms

Reblaze goes far beyond typical bot detection methods such as CAPTCHAs and browser authentication. The platform uses machine learning to construct and maintain behavioral profiles of legitimate human visitors. For each user, Reblaze continually gathers and analyzes stats such as client-side I/O events, triggered by the user’s keyboard, mouse, scroll, touch, zoom, device orientation, movements, and more. Continuous multivariate analysis verifies that each user is indeed a legitimate human.

Unique learning and adaptive capabilities

These allow Reblaze to identify and respond to malicious bots and other threats even as they become more sophisticated. Updates and upgrades are deployed across the network automatically, with no action required on your part. You always have the latest protection.

Advanced bot identification and traffic analysis

Reblaze uses visitor behavior, challenges, and honeypots to detect even advanced bots powered by full-stack browsers such as Webkit, Chromium/V8, and IE-WebBrowserControl that bypass traditional bot detection methods. (This also defends against automated penetration tools and attempted DDoS attacks.)

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