Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

A Protective Shield for Your Web Assets

The Reblaze WAF protects against all the vulnerabilities in the OWASP Top 10, and many more:

Malicious Payloads

Code and SQL Injection

Cross-site Scripting

Form Manipulation

Cookie and Session Poisoning

Protocol Exploits

DNS Exploits

More Benefits

The Reblaze WAF is deployed as part of a unique Virtual Private Cloud, for your exclusive use alone. (Other cloud solutions use shared clouds, which create multi-tenancy vulnerabilities.)

How the Reblaze WAF Works

Threat Blacklisting

Reblaze’s security team maintains a large, comprehensive, and growing database of web-related vulnerabilities. As soon as a new threat is identified on the Internet, your Reblaze platform is updated immediately with the solution that neutralizes it.

Application Whitelisting

Zero-day exploits are defeated by denying all traffic which does not conform to a strict, fine-grained rule-set of application specifications. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers or intruders to inject code of any kind.

Behavior Analysis

Reblaze uses advanced behavioral analysis to detect and deny network reconnaisance, pen tests, reverse-engineering attempts on pages or application protocols, and other probing. This detects and defeats both automated hacking and manual intrusion techniques.

Precise Administrative Tools

These give you full control of your traffic. Reblaze’s unique Access Control technology allows clients to allow or exclude network traffic from specific countries, cities, networks, companies, anonymizer networks, cloud and data-center networks, and more.

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