Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

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Almost all modern web attacks include the use of bots to interact with the targeted domain. Without a reliable method for identifying and excluding bots, your site will be vulnerable to pen tests (leading to intrusions and breaches), defacements, DoS/DDoS attacks, content scraping, fuzzing, brute force login attempts, and many other forms of attack.

Reblaze uses visitor behavior, challenges, and honeypots to detect even advanced bots powered by full-stack browsers such as Webkit, Chromium/V8, and IE-WebBrowserControl that bypass traditional bot detection methods.

Reblaze has pioneered several new methods for detecting and excluding unwanted bots. Legacy techniques like request inspection are still used, but Reblaze attacks the problem from multiple angles simultaneously, among which are:

Biometric human detection and behavior detection algorithms
Unique learning and adaptive capabilities
Advanced bot identification and traffic analysis

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