Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Service Management Provider Gets Robust Web Security Two Orders of Magnitude Lower in Price

Samanage ( offers a cloud-based service desk solution. The company’s high customer ratings have frequently earned industry recognition, such as the company’s selection in 2017 as a Gartner FrontRunner.

This prominence brings Samanage a lot of exposure, including unwelcome attention from threat actors. As a cloud-based solutions provider that handles the sensitive data of more than 1 million users worldwide, Samanage needs robust web security to protect itself and its customers.

In 2016, Samanage adopted Reblaze as its web security solution, and Senior Director of Engineering Aviram Radai has had a great experience with the platform. His requirements when choosing a solution were somewhat unusual.

He said, “We were growing, and I knew we had to be prepared for the exposure that was coming. Of course we wanted a strong WAF, and we especially wanted good DDoS protection.

“We started looking at the big web security companies. You name one, we talked to them; I think all of them were here. We had a number of meetings, but they all had problems where I just didn’t want to trust them with my data and traffic.”

Mr. Radai explained that a large challenge came from Samanage’s support of custom domains. “Each portal that we provide to our customers has its own URL: Of course, most customers want to use something different, such as They do this with CNAMES, to map their domain onto their portal.

“But we require all Samanage traffic to be secure. This means we’re using hundreds of SSL certificates to support the domain mapping. And when we looked at security solutions, this was a real problem.”

Difference in Pricing: Two Orders of Magnitude

He said, “All the big security solutions treated SSL certificates as different sites. And at the time, we already had 300 to 400 SSL certificates to manage. So these solutions were extremely expensive.”

Then an acquaintance introduced Mr. Radai to Reblaze, which has full automated SSL management as part of the platform’s API. He said, “Reblaze was the only solution that could support us at a reasonable price.

“It was two orders of magnitude less than the other solutions.”

Mr. Radai thoroughly evaluated Reblaze. “This is an important decision—it’s a serious matter for your traffic to be in someone else’s hands. But I went to their office to meet them face to face, and I talked to the team that developed the software. I saw how they understand security issues, and how professional they are. It made the decision easier.

“After we met the people, and we saw the product and the pricing, we had to try it. It’s great when you see knowledge and talent alongside a product that you can actually use.”

Once the decision was made, deployment was straightforward. Because the SSL certificates were especially important to get right, Mr. Radai said, “I personally went to Reblaze’s office. I knew it would be faster if we all worked on the integration together.

“And everything went smoothly.”

Since then, things have continued to go smoothly. Mr. Radai said, “I’ve always received great support from Reblaze. Sometimes I’ve had an issue, and I’ve looked into it myself— the UI gives you many capabilities, like the ability to zoom into every incoming request to see what’s happening with it. But at other times, I’ve just called support. They’ve always answered in a few seconds, and done everything I needed.

With the big security providers, you can open a ticket and wait. You can’t talk to anybody. But with Reblaze, I always get an immediate response directly from their support team. That’s very important to me.
He has also started taking advantage of Reblaze’s support for DevOps. Most security solutions hinder DevOps, because new apps or services require manual re-configuration and testing of the WAF, to protect the new potential attack surfaces while minimizing false positives. This is a roadblock to continuous deployment: it’s extremely tedious, error-prone, and usually consumes several weeks for each cycle.

But Reblaze not only provides an API for new app/service deployment, it also uses active machine learning to adjust and adapt to all deployments. This provides each new app/ service with full protection immediately, including a next generation WAF, DDoS protection, bot mitigation, and so on.

Mr. Radai said, “I’ve used the DevOps features several times this last year. I talked to the support team to understand how to do some of the tasks that we had—for example, we deployed an application that handles UI and API requests, and we wanted to automatically identify some of the requests and direct them to dedicated API servers. Reblaze’s traffic management capabilities have been very helpful.”

Of course, Reblaze is first and foremost a web security platform. Mr. Radai has had good experience with this as well. He explained, “We see people try to break into the system. They don’t succeed.”

Reblaze’s holistic behavioral analysis and advanced bot detection algorithms have also been very helpful to Samanage. Mr. Radai said, “Along with people trying to hack, we also see people trying to abuse our system—they use bots and try to open fake accounts. Reblaze keeps them out.”

When asked for closing thoughts, Mr. Radai replied, “The most important thing is that I can talk to the people at Reblaze. I know they’ll understand the situation, and what has happened, and how to solve it. And I know they’ll have the tools to do what I need them to do.

They’re always just one phone call away—I’ve called them on weekends, days, and nights, and I always get a response. With Reblaze, I have direct access to security experts.

IT Service Management
  • Keeping a high-profile target secure and available for over one million users.
  • Maintaining a robust security posture in a fast-moving DevOps environment, and finding a web security solution controllable via API.
  • Affordably managing hundreds of SSL certificates for custom domains.
Reblaze was adopted as a comprehensive web security solution.
  • Reblaze protects Samanage’s sites and web apps via an affordable SaaS subscription, two orders of magnitude lower in price than other security solutions.
  • Samanage staff members receive immediate personal support whenever it’s needed: “direct access to security experts.”
  • Reblaze provides robust, adaptive web security: full support for DevOps, immediate protection for new customer accounts, and more.

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