Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Cloud technologies offer many competitive advantages for organizations that adopt them. However, the cloud has one potential drawback: security. By its nature, the cloud is globally accessible. Therefore, moving applications and private data to the cloud would seem to be very risky. This perception is inaccurate. If the proper security measures are followed, then the cloud is no less secure than a traditional data center. Indeed, as we shall see, in many ways cloud security is actually easier to achieve and maintain. The cloud platform with the largest market share is AWS (Amazon Web Services). This white paper will discuss cloud security for AWS users—both the strategies to consider and the tools that are available for implementation. This document discusses the secure use of AWS.

In this white paper we will discuss:

Security on the Public Cloud
Security and Compliance
Cloud Security Versus Traditional Security
AWS Account Strategy
And more...

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