Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Cyber threats are more numerous and varied today than ever before. Data breaches are common; Have I Been Pwned lists over 9.5 billion accounts that have been compromised. Companies that are breached suffer not only from loss of reputation and customer bad will, but also face potentially ruinous fines thanks to regulations such as GDPR.

DDoS attacks cause service disruptions and loss of revenue. Data theft and scraping can erode competitive advantages. Malicious bots wage credential attacks, deny inventory and commit credit card fraud. The list goes on. Cloud computing adds a new dimension to this situation.

As companies move to cloud, they are using compute and storage resources which are designed to be accessible to the Internet. If best practices are not followed, security incidents can result. This white paper will discuss security while using Google Cloud Platform (GCP). If your organization has not (yet) migrated to GCP and is considering doing so, you might be interested in this article: Securely Migrating to the Cloud.

In this white paper we will discuss:

Shared Responsibility
Managed Services
GCP Security Products
Best Practices
And more...

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