Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Are you currently experiencing an attack?

Global iGaming Platform Achieves Customized Cloud Web Security for Self and Clients

Ventures Lab ( is an international Gaming platform. The company provides a full range of iGaming services in both Casino and Sports verticals.

As a certified and licensed platform in highly regulated markets, Ventures Lab must meet stringent requirements for security and data privacy. Further, the company offers payment integrations and other systems that make it a high-profile target for attackers.

Until recently, Ventures Lab relied upon a large and well-known cloud security solution. But it became clear that something better was needed.

“We had quite a few DoS attacks that impacted our sites and servers,” said Technical Support Team Lead Ivaylo Yanev. “Also, we weren’t getting full statistics about our traffic. Most of the time, we only knew about an attack after it had already affected a site, or after the site went down. We also got limited information about other attacks like SQL injection, so we couldn’t know about everything that was going on.”

Ventures Lab decided to evaluate other solutions, and chose Reblaze.

“There aren’t many solutions that provide a proxy which protects the origin IPs,” said Mr. Yanev. “Reblaze does, and this is very important to us.”

The Reblaze platform also accommodates Ventures Lab’s unique needs. The company manages a large and continuously growing number of domains and sites. Mr. Yanev noted that their previous security solution was structured on the basis of individual domains, and said,

“Now, with Reblaze, we just pay for the whole instance, and we get everything in the same place. It doesn’t matter which domain we’re dealing with, or how it’s set up. We have all the features we need in one place, applying to all the different sites that we have.”

Reblaze also provides complete traffic visibility. Mr. Yanev said,

“There’s a lot more data that we can analyze now. I can just login and see everything that’s happening in real time. I also really like the planet overview, which provides all the info in one place, and the control we get from the WAF and Rate Limiting.”

Web Security for a PaaS Provider
As a PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider, Ventures Lab provides entire Gaming solutions for their clients. Mr. Yanev said, “We provide the hosting, networking, VMs, customer support, and so on: everything that’s needed. Our clients just select the names for their sites, and that’s it. We provide everything else.”

This includes web security. “Our clients don’t care what we do, or how we do it. They only care about the uptime and security of their sites.”
“We see all kinds of attacks... And they are all blocked.”
Reblaze runs in the cloud and filters hostile traffic for Ventures Lab and their clients, before it reaches their infrastructure. Mr. Yanev said,
“We see all kinds of attacks. We see SQL injection, DoS attacks, a lot of brute-force login attempts, a lot of scraper bots, and so on: every few hours there’s something. And they are all blocked. This makes me happy.”
“Reblaze saves us a lot of time”
Ventures Lab is continuously adding new customers and new domains. “We have a lot of configuration to do. With Reblaze, it takes half the time it used to take with our previous solution.
“Before, we needed three people to maintain our web security. Now with Reblaze, there’s only me. Reblaze saves us a lot of time.”
“Everything is working, and the support is great, and the experience is great.”
As a fully managed solution, Reblaze includes a 24x7 SOC. Along with immediate updates to protect against new threats, customers also have full access to a dedicated support team, which helps customize their security platforms to their needs. As Mr. Yanev noted, “We have weekly meetings with Reblaze where we go over the things that happened and analyze them together. We’re constantly trying to improve our setup, so that we can always mitigate attacks with minimal False Positives and without affecting the flow of data for our clients.
“Everything is working, and the support is great, and the experience is great.”
When asked to summarize his experience using Reblaze, Mr. Yanev said, “You have everything you need in one place. It’s great.”
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  • Defeating frequent attacks in a regulated, high-visibility industry.
  • Protecting origin IPs behind load- balanced, autoscaling proxies.
  • Providing and managing seamless web security for a large roster of PaaS clients.
  • Minimizing security setup time when onboarding new clients.
Reblaze runs in a Virtual Private Cloud, filtering hostile traffic before it reaches the infrastructure for Ventures Lab and its clients.
  • Attacks are blocked with full visibility and control in real time.
  • Setup time is reduced.
  • Full management and ongoing customization defeats new threats as they arise.

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