Complete Bot Protection

Multivariate Bot Detection and Mitigation

Hostile bot traffic is not uniform across verticals. Different industries present different types of opportunities for threat actors. Thus, verticals tend to experience different types of attacks.

Reblaze Bot Protection Includes:

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Always Secure

Always Secure

Web applications and API servers receive only legitimate requests. They remain secure, responsive, and performant

Traditional Methods Don't Stop Modern Bots

There are several reasons why traditional methods have become inadequate. Some have arisen from the increasing sophistication of attackers, while others are the result of larger trends

Fully integrated with the clouds you already trust

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Bots are accountable for more than 60%
of all
web Traffic

73% of all
cyberattacks are
done by Bots

77% of merchants
in the United States are online

$3.92 million average cost of enterprise breach

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